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This Apple Watch band is NOTHING special...

Seriously. It doesn't fly or shoot laser beams or talk in a fancy British accent. It won't win you any awards or get you a raise at work or make you better looking. In fact, it's pretty lazy. All it does is sit on your wrist like a dirty freeloader. And frankly? It might even be a bit overpriced...

So why is it the most popular band we sell?

It's kinda like my first high school girlfriend...

Easy, reliable, tough as hell, and ALWAYS there when you need her

It's true, this band won't win you any style awards. It's plain, black, and barely noticeable. There's no fancy colors or "luxe" materials or fake encrusted diamonds or whatever. 

No one's gonna see you wearing it and ask you where you got it. You're not gonna feel a gush of confidence when you put it on. It's a strap for your Apple Watch, not a Tony Robbins motivational seminar

But guess what?

It doesn't need to be. 

Because it does exactly what it was designed to do...

Hold your Apple Watch on your wrist easily, comfortably, and without fuss... 24 hours a day, 365 days a year... without breaking, without coming undone, and without you even really noticing it's there in the first place.

  • It's made from medical grade 316L stainless steel, so it won't fade or scratch very easily, and it's fine if you get some water on it.
  • Its looped mesh design makes it breathable and comfortable to wear all day, and it won't yank chunks out of your arm hair.
  • Its magnetic clasp makes it easy to put on and take off, and it can adjust to fit just about any wrist size (note: not yet tested on Bigfoot).
  • It's basically like chain mail armor for your wrist, and while we wouldn't recommend using it to stop a bullet, it can take just about any beating you throw at it and still keep chugging.

So what are you buying with the MILAN strap?

You're not buying looks, or style, or the compliments of your peers. You're not buying confidence, or feeling good about yourself, or any other emotion these companies seem to think their straps provide.

With MILAN, you're buying predictability

You're buying waking up in the morning knowing you have a million problems to deal with, but your Apple Watch strap ain't one of them. It'll be there for you every day, performing the same basic function, in the same basic way, it won't break, it won't change, and once you get it, you'll never have to think about it again.

It'll last for years (maybe decades), and if you're the type of person who wears their Apple Watch every day, it may just be the last strap you ever buy again.

But, I'm not one to tell people how to spend their money.

Truth is, we put a lot of work into these bands (over $100,000 of our money moola and the sacrifice of our accountant's first born son believe it or not), and we think they're worth the price we ask for them. 

If you do too, maybe you get one for yourself. Or, maybe you don't. It's fine either way. (It's your money after all...)

I'll leave some more details about the specs below if you want to find out more.

MILAN Specifications

All Apple Watches Series 1-5, 38/40mm & 42/44mm

Looped Stainless Steel Mesh

316L Stainless Steel

Midnight Black



Yes, w/ adjustable magnetic clasp

Magnetic Clasp

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