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A wise man once said, "Multa Paucis" — a latin phrase meaning "Less Is More."

It's this simple, clean, minimalist philosophy that embodies why we created Rohe Straps in the first place.

Named after famous architect Ludwig Van Der Rohe, the first ever architect to apply the Less Is More philosophy to architecture, Rohe Straps embodies the seemingly effortless excellence created as a result of perfecting the basics.

While everyone else is concerned with the fancy, the new, the complex — we saw a gap in the market to serve Apple Watch owners who value clean, minimalist style over loud, obnoxious accessories.

Those who who choose excellence, prefer quality, and put that little bit of extra effort in where it counts.

Truly, that is what Rohe Straps is all about.

Exuding excellence, seemingly effortlessly, through clean, simple style.

Not by doing More, but by doing Less.

~ Less Is More ~